we are different

Why choose Botanicly

The love for plants is very strong especially for those with green thumbs. But with us, people without green thumbs have the chance to profit. We offer you a big selection of different plants: from A like Autograph tree to Z like Zamioculcas. Check the latest trends or let yourself be enchanted by classic plants like the ficus. Within a few working days your ordered plants will be delivered to your home. We make sure that your plant isn’t just safe during transportation, but also make sure that every step of the production is sustainable.

Great selection

We offer a special selection of plants and flowers that not only look good, but also stand for more. Our goal is to combine good prices and high quality production. For example, we work with producers of plants that use renewable energy and reduce their environmental and social impacts. That’s why we are committed to working with like-minded producers.

We are Fair Flora

Fair Flora stands for sustainability and transparency. Producers are regularly inspected for environmental protection and trained and tested for fair employment. For each product sold, 10 liters of drinking water will be made available in a developing country and 2.5 cents will be donated to social charities. For every kilogram of CO² produced during the cultivation of plants, 1 cent goes into the planting of forests in Bolivia.

Safe delivery

Our plants are shipped with much care and experience. The packaging keeps the plant and the pot safely in the packaging and prevents damage. In order to deliver your plant to you in the best condition, our plants are delivered directly from the nursery in usually only 3 to 4 working days. This is how we can make sure that your plant will be delivered healthy and happy and you can decorate your home with them immediately.

How we send and package our plants